Contact Center Solutions for Mitel

MiContact Center Business scales from supporting small, sophisticated business needs to enterprise-grade contact centers. Supported on the MiVoice Business call manager, it delivers business value with integrated MiCollab Unified Communications and MiVoice Call Recording capabilities and is an agile solution built to be resilient and highly available. MiContact Center Business includes: real-time, historical, and customizable reporting tools; highly customizable speech-enabled Interactive Voice Response (IVR) routing; multichannel workflow routing, outbound dialing and messaging; and integrations with and other leading-edge Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

Features Include:

  • Contact Center Management – the foundation of MiContact Center Business, provides browser-based tools for forecasting, reporting on all agents and queues, managing contact center performance, and traffic analysis.
  • Interactive Contact Center and Interactive Visual Queue – Allows supervisors to control agent and queue states instantly, so you can respond to changing contact volumes immediately.
  • Workforce Scheduling and Schedule Adherence – workforce management, forecasting, and monitoring tools.
  • Automatic Call Distribution – routes calls to the most appropriate group, based on the type of service required by the caller, and ensures calls are appropriately distributed within a group according to such attributes as the caller’s priority, which agent they last spoke to, or the agent’s skill level or idle time. Calls can be automatically re-routed or agent availability changed, based on current queue conditions.
  • IVR Routing – Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and advanced routing help you to intelligently manage callers and their expectations, provide options for self-service, and deliver announcements to callers in queue, such as expected wait time and position in queue. An intuitive drag and drop graphical user interface allows you to quickly and easily build and manage call flows.
  • Multimedia Contact Center – maintain service levels across multi-channel contact types in addition to voice, including email, Web chat, SMS text, fax, and social media.
  • Agent Softphone – provide computer telephony integration with your agents’ desktop phones or turn their computers into IP-based phones. They deliver point-and click functionality for ACD agent functions and common agent actions, as well as customer information such as caller ID and DNIS.
  • Screen Pop – a pop-up application provides agents with customer information using data pulled from your customer database. Integrations are available for most market leading CRM solutions.
  • Outbound Dialing – offers automated dialing that delivers calls directly to agents for outbound call center tasks such as marketing campaigns and sales follow-up.
  • Remote Agents – Mitel Border Gateway, including Teleworker and External Hot-desking Agent features, extends the full voice and data.

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