Microsoft Skype for Business

Skype for Business, formerly Microsoft Lync, is the enterprise-ready Unified Communications (UC) solution that encompasses presence, IM, web conferencing, audio/video (A/V) conferencing, and complete Voice over IP (VoIP) services. You can use Skype for Business as your only phone system, with calling to colleagues, Skype users, and phone numbers around the world. With tight integration to Office and the entire Microsoft technology stack, Skype for Business provides teams with integrated business communications anywhere and over any device.


Retire your PBX

Skype for Business provides the features you need to eliminate traditional PBX systems and the associated costs. Common calling features such as transfer, hold, and resume calls can be done with a single touch. Let your assistant receive calls on your behalf or answer calls for other people on your team when they’re unavailable. Take advantage of built-in voice mail, integrated with Exchange, to quickly respond to missed calls.



Presence is the core feature of Skype for Business and drives or enhances almost every other feature. Unlike a traditional PBX, the Skype client allows users to see the presence of colleagues and peers and determine their availability to communicate, and over which modality (voice, chat, etc.), makes the most sense at that time. Skype for Business reduces the inherent human latency (voice mail tag!) in every day business communications, enabling employees to be more productive and customer-focused.


Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Calling

Microsoft enables users to call traditional PSTN phone numbers using Skype for Business. Companies looking to move their communications to the Cloud can purchase phone numbers and calling plans as part of their Office 365 subscription. For companies wanting to use on-premises Skype for Business or Lync systems, PSTN calling can be enabled through either SIP Trunks or a gateway used with traditional telco ISDN-PRI or business line services. Hybrid solutions are also possible, utilizing software on premises to connect existing telephone lines to the Cloud PBX in Office 365. This allows customers to use Cloud PBX worldwide with calling services provided by the telco operator of their choice.


Person-to-person voice calling

Skype for Business provides voice-over-IP (VoIP) calling over your network and the Internet to users in your company, Skype for Business users in other companies, and Skype consumer users around the world. The intuitive Skype client allows users to easily add video or content sharing to any call.


Anywhere access

Ideal for the road warrior or remote contact center agents, Skype for Business allows you to make and receive business calls in the office, at home, or on the road, using your business number on your smartphone, tablet, PC, or desk phone.


Dial by name, from Office

Reach people easily, when you need them, with a single touch or click from your contact list in Skype for Business, or the contact card in any Office application.

Why Marchwood SI?

Marchwood Systems Integration brings decades of domain expertise in engineering and deployment of Microsoft Skype for Business and Lync enterprise voice solutions. We are a globally trusted Microsoft Solutions provider with Microsoft Certified Technicians deployed for all Microsoft engagements. We know all the “best practice approaches” for achieving synergistic and predictable business results.