• Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) has become the industry standard protocol for enterprise-grade Voice Over IP. Instead of operating and maintaining both data and telephone voice networks, one IP-based network provides multiple digital streaming capabilities.
  • SIP Trunking offers cost savings, increased resilience and flexibility over traditional telco ISDN-PRI or business line services. Customers do not require hardware gateways as SIP trunks connect directly to the service provider. Business lines do not have to be purchased in blocks of 24 or 32. The scalability of SIP trunking means bandwidth capacity can be purchased on demand, in smaller increments, and at lower rates.
  • Companies using SIP Trunking can also enjoy savings on long distance charges as calls are routed over the Internet or third party IP network to termination points on a local PSTN close to the dialed number. All calls effectively become “local” calls and save you money.

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